A library triumph

I’m in a decidedly good mood today. Yesterday I was on another of our council’s adoption workshops. This time the topic was attachment, and there was a good mix of experienced adopters and those of us still pre-placement. The course was run by the post-adoption support team, who seemed to be rather better (more realistic, … Continue reading

Profiles, PAR, and piffle

So. Two weeks ago we went to the profile evening, not really knowing what to expect. Turned out our social worker had been approached by the social worker for a sibling group of three, so within minutes of walking through the door, their profile was thrust into our hands and we were asked to watch a … Continue reading

‘Strange’ encounters with social services

This is an exciting week. Tomorrow (TOMORROW!) we’re going to be reading profiles of all the children in our county currently waiting to be matched with a family. And yet… Last night we caught up with one of our friends who has provided a reference for us. She’s done a great job. Our social worker met her … Continue reading

Adoption, church gossips, and a minor meltdown

How do you deal with strangers’ questions about your adoption – when you haven’t even been to panel yet? I love reading other people’s blogs about dealing with people’s nosy and inappropriate questions about their adoptive families. I empathise with their irritation at the idea that participating in the adoption process makes your family public … Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Adoption and Fostering – A Parent’s Guide by Holly Noseda

The premise A short, straightforward ‘handbook’ to the adoption process and what to expect at each stage. It covers topics including ‘managing expectations’, ‘life story work’, ‘contact with birth family’ and ‘post-adoption support’. My response A very quick read, but no less useful because of that. Reasonably up-to-date (though it still refers to ‘Form F’ … Continue reading