Book Review: ‘The Adoption Experience’ by Ann Morris

The premise
A collection of real life adopters’ stories, through all stages of the process.

My response
An interesting and enjoyable read, though I’d have preferred fewer, longer stories so they could share more details.

One family whose son was constantly misbehaving were offered prayer: ‘First, they asked Ben to tell them how he felt about what they had been doing and suggested that it was not the real Ben who had been behaving in that way. they explained that he could be rid of all these things that made him unhappy such as his anger and stealing.

They prayed together, requesting the spirit of anger to leave Ben. … Ben said his inside felt like the emptying of bath water. Finally they prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill Ben and to fill all the empty spaces left by the bad spirits. Afterwards, Ben chose to snuggle into his dad’s arms and lay there peacefully – those with experience of children with attachment disorder will know how unusual (and wonderful) that was. The whole experience was like witnessing a rebirth, a new creation, so we can only say “Thank you, God”.

Five years have passed and none of us will ever forget that occasion. Ben still refers to it and asks for prayer whenever things get tough. He soon resumed mainstream education, still has ups and downs, but any difficult behaviour is a shadow of the past.’

What I found particularly useful
As a Christian, I found the story above particularly powerful. It confirmed my feelings about the importance of praying for and with adopted children.

One of the more useful books. Lots of insight into attachment issues. I felt that it was reassuring in that the people involved were very ‘normal’ and not portrayed as super-human.

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