Posted in March 2012

Adoption, church gossips, and a minor meltdown

How do you deal with strangers’ questions about your adoption – when you haven’t even been to panel yet? I love reading other people’s blogs about dealing with people’s nosy and inappropriate questions about their adoptive families. I empathise with their irritation at the idea that participating in the adoption process makes your family public … Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Adoption and Fostering – A Parent’s Guide by Holly Noseda

The premise A short, straightforward ‘handbook’ to the adoption process and what to expect at each stage. It covers topics including ‘managing expectations’, ‘life story work’, ‘contact with birth family’ and ‘post-adoption support’. My response A very quick read, but no less useful because of that. Reasonably up-to-date (though it still refers to ‘Form F’ … Continue reading