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About Simple Adoption

Simple Adoption is a place for sharing both stories and resources: stories of our own experience of adoption, and resources we have found helpful. Comments are encouraged! I always love to hear from others interested in adoption (from any perspective) and to learn about books and websites you have found useful.

About our family

We’re a married couple in our thirties living in the home counties area of the UK. We’re going through the adoption assessment process at the moment and are due to panel in early June. We are hoping to adopt two siblings later this year and look forward to being a family. Adoption is very much our first choice, ie. we have never tried to conceive. Our social worker thinks this makes us odd.

We made the decision to adopt, rather than to procreate, for a number of reasons. We believe that the planet is overpopulated and cannot continue to sustain us all with food and fuel. We care about the environment and do not wish to add to the burden placed upon its resources, especially by people who consume at western levels, which exceed our fair share. We are also Christians, and believe we have a duty of care both to the planet and to those who cannot be cared for by their birth families. These beliefs combine to make a powerful case for us adopting. We see it as a natural, logical outworking of our faith and a caring response to the state of the environment.

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