Posted in February 2012

Book review: ‘Related by Adoption’ by Hedi Argent

The premise A handbook for grandparents and other relatives. Quite a basic introduction to adoptive families from the grandparents’ perspective. My response A useful introductory book, but I thought it was probably insufficient for our parents. I expect they will be interested to read much more thoroughly and have questions this book doesn’t address. Unlike … Continue reading

Book review: ‘An Adoption Diary’ by Maria James

The premise Billed as ‘A couple’s journey from infertility to parenthood’, it is about their experiences of adoption through a voluntary agency in 2002–2004. My response I liked being able to follow their story from initial enquiry through to the adoption order and beyond, seeing the timescale and some of the details. The writing is … Continue reading

Solar panel installation day

Today we’re having our long-awaited solar panels installed. This is beyond exciting. I have wanted solar PV panels for years. Not only do they provide free electricity, but they reduce our reliance on ‘dirty’ fuels – especially coal and nuclear energy, which I dislike intensely. Since moving into our house in December, it’s been near … Continue reading

What happens at an adoption preparation course?

Wondering what to expect? What to take? What to wear? Don’t panic. It’s not as scary as you might think. Promise. We went on our adoption preparation course in September 2011. It was a Monday and Tuesday of one week, then the following Monday and Tuesday. We’d only got back from holiday the night before … Continue reading

Site Launch

You’re very welcome to have a look about, but the site’s not quite ready yet. Please come back in a couple of weeks and there’ll be lots more to see.