Book Review: ‘Adoption and Fostering – A Parent’s Guide by Holly Noseda

The premise
A short, straightforward ‘handbook’ to the adoption process and what to expect at each stage. It covers topics including ‘managing expectations’, ‘life story work’, ‘contact with birth family’ and ‘post-adoption support’.

My response
A very quick read, but no less useful because of that. Reasonably up-to-date (though it still refers to ‘Form F’ – now the Prospective Adopters’ Report) and very practical, I appreciated the tone and format of the book which has lots of bullet points, statistics, and information. It would be a good introduction for someone new to adoption or for friends and family of adopters.

‘Often, it’s not your own expectations about timescale that cause feelings of frustration – after all, you will hopefully have heard the lowdown on this at your preparation group. No, it’s often your over-zealous friends and family who know what a great parent you’d be and wonder why it’s taking everyone else so long to realise it!’ (p43)

What I found particularly useful
The shopping list to help parents prepare for placement of children at different ages is helpful (p66). The statistics are also interesting. Overall, it’s realistic and practical.

A short, easy read, making it a great overview of the process. Helpful lists and statistics. Would benefit from an update and a more thorough proofread – there are a handful of typos throughout.

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