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A library triumph

I’m in a decidedly good mood today. Yesterday I was on another of our council’s adoption workshops. This time the topic was attachment, and there was a good mix of experienced adopters and those of us still pre-placement. The course was run by the post-adoption support team, who seemed to be rather better (more realistic, … Continue reading

Adoption, church gossips, and a minor meltdown

How do you deal with strangers’ questions about your adoption – when you haven’t even been to panel yet? I love reading other people’s blogs about dealing with people’s nosy and inappropriate questions about their adoptive families. I empathise with their irritation at the idea that participating in the adoption process makes your family public … Continue reading

Book review: ‘Related by Adoption’ by Hedi Argent

The premise A handbook for grandparents and other relatives. Quite a basic introduction to adoptive families from the grandparents’ perspective. My response A useful introductory book, but I thought it was probably insufficient for our parents. I expect they will be interested to read much more thoroughly and have questions this book doesn’t address. Unlike … Continue reading